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GPS collars for animals

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( Date of publication: 02-04-2021 )

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address : Mangilik El avenue, 55/15
phone : +7 (700)-100-7560
email : info@wintex.kz

"Winext" LLP expresses its respect to you and offers to consider a commercial offer for the supply of "Grazing Control System", which includes special GPS sensors for animal control, access to the platform through the mobile application"Tumar" and technical support for the system. In total, there are more than 1.5 million installed devices for controlling animals with our system, including projects in New Zealand, Australia, Belarus, South Korea, Thailand, Kazakhstan and other countries. The mobile application "Tumar" is a specially developed software for Kazakhstan farmers to manage their livestock, which helps to control the quality of grazing, plan livestock care activities, and receive information support. The animal monitoring sensor collects information about the location of animals based on GPS technology. The built-in memory of the device allows you to store data for the last 24 hours. The sensor regularly sends information about the location of animals to the cloud platform "Tumar" via GSM/GPRS mobile communication. The device is automatically activated after placing it on the neck of the animal and goes into an inactive state in the absence of activity after 24 hours.The sensor works in the coverage area of the mobile operator.

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