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Company "EMVE Sweeden AB Caroline Andersson"

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( Date of publication: 27-11-2019 )

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address : Box 144, Vallgatan 8, S-265 Astorp Sweden
phone : +7 (812)-964-4443
email : lamber.armas@mail.ru

EMVE Sweden AB Caroline Andersson announces that EMVE Sweeden AB was founded in 1916 and has so far designed, developed and manufactured its own machines for processing potatoes and other vegetables, as well as for the food industry. The production is based on the latest generation technologies. Today, the company supplies equipment to customers in Europe and the United States of America. Only in 26 countries of the world. The company designs and manufactures both small and large-scale production lines. Close cooperation with customers continues in the form of service and development on a long-term basis.     The company offers a full range of equipment for * acceptance * sorting * washing * filling in silos * sampling * packaging * laying on pallets of potatoes and vegetables.

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