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The unique organic enzyme preparation Agroflorin

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( Date of publication: 21-06-2019 )

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address : Almaty, st. Timiryazev, 42, pavilion 42,16 office
phone : +7 (771)-300-6502
email : liya_tk@mail.ru

The company "Agroflorin South Kazakhstan" offers a unique organic enzyme preparation Agroflorin. The drug "Agroflorin" successfully passed long-term scientific tests in leading scientific Russian and European centers. The company has the confirmation of agroflorin agro-preparation for use in organic agriculture in accordance with EU regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008 under the number No. 19-1315-01 of 04.22.2019. Chemical composition: Macroelements, mg / g: Nitrogen 19, Phosphorus 29, Potassium 55.0, Trace elements, mg / g: Sodium 15.5, Magnesium 2.75, Iron 0.009, Copper 0.005, Zinc 0.05, Manganese 0.015 Nickel 0.001, Cobalt 0.001, Calcium 15.7; Enzymes: transferases, hydrolases, amylases, lipases, proteases, etc., obtained by cultivating the strain of the fungus on polysaccharide media (beet molasses) Application: Increases productivity from 4 to 10 centners per 1 hectare, reduces ripening periods from 4 to 15 days, enhances biochemical reactions in the soil, reduces heavy metal salts from 15 to 45%, protects from stress during transplantation, heat, cold, drought and waterlogging, promotes the development of the root system, contains a large number of macronutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, microelements - amino acids, organic acids, vitamins of group B, carbohydrates, etc., accelerates biochemical reactions, protects plants from herbicide stress, increases in price scrap organic matter in the soil 2 times. Below are the prices and packaging of the enzyme preparation Agroflorin: 20 ml-500tg; 250 ml-3000tg; 1 l-12000tg; 10 l (PET canister) -120000tg. We offer a flexible payment system, fast shipping speed, due to established relationships with carriers.

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