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LLP "Kaz Hydroponics" - manufacturer of hydroponic equipment

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( Date of publication: 11-06-2019 )

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Jambyl Region

address : Taraz, Zhambyl Ave., p. 2/1
phone : +7 (726)-254-2772
email : kazgidroponika@mail.ru

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, in which a plant receives from a solution all the necessary nutrients in the right quantities and precise proportions (which is almost impossible to do with soil cultivation). The hydroponic method is based on the study of the plant root system, and specifically how the plant is fed. KazHydroponika is the construction of hydroponic buildings and facilities. KazHydroponika is the construction of hydroponic buildings and facilities. KazHydroponika is a Kazakhstan manufacturer of hydroponic plants. KazHydroponika is a special technology that allows you to get high-calorie feed. Our activity is:  - architectural, town planning activity (construction and installation works).  - installation of hydroponic line in the territory of Kazakhstan. - growing green hydroponic feed,    hydroponics method; - production of juice from germinated wheat grains,   hydroponics method; -production of feed pellets; -growing dill, parsley,   lettuce leaves by hydroponics; - growing rice using hydroponics; Hydroponic green fodder (GZK) is only a more highly nutritious form of germinated grain - the grain germinates in the light for 7 days. The length of seedlings during this period is 15-20 cm The energy value of 1 kg of sprouted barley contains about 12.7 mJ of exchangeable energy. Digestibility - 90% Crude protein - 20% Starch - 20% Vitamins A, E, C, biotin and folic acid. As well as important trace elements: potassium, calcium, copper, cobalt, magnesium, sodium, iron, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, manganese and selenium. - Germinated feed reduces phytic acid levels by improving the intake of minerals in the body. - Sprouted feed levels the pH to 6.2, which is the optimum level for the ruminant's digestive system. - Germinated feed contains enzymes that improve the digestive process. Germinated food imitates fresh grass from pastures, thus becoming a natural and completely natural food for different types of animals. (PSGU) is presented to your attention. Pallet rack hydroponic installation of 500 kg. per day: The estimated cost of hydroponic green fodder is 16 tg per 1 kg. finished green hydroponic feed. Crop from 10 kg to 1 kg of barley 1 m3 of water costs 188.09 tg. 1 kW / h costs 22.29 tg. an hour of work costs 476 tg. seeds are 80 tg. per kg Natural gas consumption 35.26 tg. For 1 cu. Total costs per day for 500 kg. 8089 tg. Costs for one kg. SLC 8089 (amount) is divided / 500 (weight) kg = 16 tg. And we can also provide a similar rack hydroponic installation with a large capacity (1000, 2000 kg per day). We ask everyone, regardless of your attitude to our idea, please contact us to tell us your opinion or find out more information. Chief Specialist Aubakirov Daniyar Onalsynovich tel.87751224488

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