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Plant growing - vegetables


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( Date of publication: 28-01-2019 )

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Turkestan Region

address : Zhetysay city, M.Auezov street 11
phone : +7 (701)-760-3927
email : akademic_7@mail.ru

The proposed technology of pre-sowing seed treatment does not require energy costs and manual labor. The technology does not require time resources. The process of seed treatment takes only 11 minutes. Seed treatment has no side effects on seeds, human health and the environment. The technology does not change the structure of DNA and the gene of the seed. The technology requires minimal costs: the organization of transfer and accommodation of the working group at the site of sowing the crop. The working group includes 3 people per 10 thousand hectares. We guarantee you a raise to the harvest. Based on statistics of experiments and technology implementation, the average increase is 20-30%. There were cases with an increase of more than 75% of the expected harvest. Full transparency in reports on crop growth dynamics and security of confidential information.

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