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Plant growing - vegetables

Plant Production Consulting

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( Date of publication: 26-11-2018 )

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Republic of Turkey

address : Republic of Turkey, Antalya, Aksu
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email : maysera@maysera.com

Plant Production Consulting Production consulting • Plant feeding technologies • Professional environment management • Crop productivity technologies • Used methods of conditioning, taking into account the characteristics of the greenhouse • Professional methods of plant protection, including biological intervention • Harvesting according to sales organization. • Application of year-round production quality standard PRODUCTION PLANNING We will provide you with information about greenhouses, depending on the planting time during the production season and the type of plant, as well as the niche occupied by the products on the market, and, in addition, we will assist you in deciding which plants to grow. . We will help you select and grow fruit tree seedlings, taking into account market conditions or the characteristics of the plant in the short or long term. DEVELOPMENT OF PLANT FEEDING PROGRAMS When developing programs for feeding plants in terms of earth production, we first select solutions for soil problems, and only then we compile a feeding program based on soil analyzes and the type of plants we grow. Our experienced agro-engineers weekly take all necessary measures to ensure that the performance of your products reaches the highest level, taking into account our control. As for the greenhouses of landless production, for them we develop programs for feeding plants by applying liquid fertilizers according to a special formula, taking into account the type of cultivated plant. In addition, our agricultural engineers, specializing in landless production, weekly from the time the seedlings are planted until the end of the season, carry out the necessary controls in order to maintain the performance of your products at the highest level. PROGRAM OF PROTECTION OF PLANTS We take good care of your products and protect you from possible losses by combating losses that may be caused to it due to biological, organic and cultural factors. In addition, we identify pathogenic elements in your greenhouse or garden even before they lead to plant disease, which reduces the use of chemicals, which improves your economic condition, and also makes the plants more healthy.

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