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Equipments - agricultural equipment

Plastic label ST4NL (for cows)

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( Date of publication: 09-11-2018 )

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Russian Federation

address : Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk district, rp Krasnoobsk
phone : +7 (383)-233-6533
email : www.partnerlab.ru

Designed for tagging cattle and other large farm animals.     Tags are made from high quality polyurethane, reliable material, resistant to temperature changes.     Reliable fastening of the lock excludes losses of the established ear tags. Even in extreme cold, the lock is reliably protected from opening.     The reinforced tip is made of fiberglass - a material known for its durability.     The metal ring is soldered to the mating part - reliable fastening and the absence of direct contact with the metal.     No open metal - no oxidation. When tagging, inflammation is prevented, as the metal does not interact with blood. At the same time, the metal ring tightly holds the tip, not missing dirt from the outside.     When the tag is properly attached, a characteristic click is heard.     The tensile strength slightly exceeds the force at which the ear can be damaged.     Low percent of losses (about 2% according to the research of our clients).     A sharper spike angle accelerates birking and prevents possible complications.     When applying the inscription, the porous surface penetrates the paint more deeply, which increases its service life.     It is possible to engrave ANY characters, numbers, letters in the factory.     Automated production minimizes rejects.

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