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Heated drinking bowls

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( Date of publication: 05-07-2018 )

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address : Astana City, Abay 63-291
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Automatic feeder for MIRACO cattle with a water level level valve, which maintains a constant water level in the water bowl. It is made of a durable and durable plastic that withstands kicking and animal bites. Ideal for year-round outdoor cattle: the retractable ball covers the surface of the water from precipitation, dirt, dust, insects, etc .; Also the ball helps to keep the water temperature (protects against freezing in winter). Thick walls and an additional insulating layer allow the water not to freeze at minus temperatures. Heating water is provided by a built-in heater 75 W and a thermostat. They consume only 4 kW of electricity per week for heating water at temperatures up to - 32 g. Safe for animals - complete absence of sharp and protruding edges. Comfortable and quick access for cleaning drinkers. Throughput: from 200 heads of meat or from 90 head of dairy cattle Capacity: 265 liters Size: 146 * 82 * 48 centimeters Weight: 69 kilograms 2 75 W heater 4 holes for the ball 24 cm / 4 balls 27 cm

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