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Sprayer ZUBR PV with the prefix “Pyramid P1”

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( Date of publication: 15-05-2020 )

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Akmola Region

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Purpose: to carry out measures to protect orchards, berry plants, vineyards, hazels, garden and forest nurseries in medium and large horticultural enterprises. Processing height up to 6 m. Mounted height: 1.7 m. Feature of the model: universal attachment with reverse traction. Sprayer “Zubr” PV with attachment “Pyramid” is a universal garden sprayer suitable for both shrubs and mixed gardens up to 5-6 meters. Key characteristics of the Pyramid attachment: reverse thrust (!) - prevents repeated suction of the plant protection system due to the constructive arrangement of the fan (air intake) in front of the attachment, and not in the spray area behind the tractor; 12 blades for creating a powerful air flow (imported impeller 800 mm from a German manufacturer using especially durable polymer reinforced material); 12 double-thread brass bodies with Albuz sprayers with a metal swirl and ceramic washer from the Italian manufacturer ASJ SprayJet (Italy); two-speed reliable Italian gearbox for adjusting the power of the air flow during operation; Adjustable angle of attack of the fan blades allows you to choose the most suitable air flow for the garden. Italian three-volume capacity: UV stabilized light-proof, shockproof, frost-resistant and lightweight (!). If the sprayer works with rapidly precipitating liquids, then after working with such preparations it is necessary to flush the entire system within 10-15 minutes. The presence of a flushing tank allows you to do this immediately, without spending extra time and fuel on the road to the refueling point. Special PVC material is much lighter than metal containers, which reduces the cost of fuel and lubricants during operation and transportation, and also reduces the likelihood of rutting in the garden. Thanks to the completion of sprayers with special wide wheels, this opening almost completely disappears. Reduces drag when driving, reduces fuel consumption. Advantages: adjusting the angle of attack of the fan blades makes it possible to increase or decrease the air flow using a computer to accurately make SZR and save money the prefix with reverse draft eliminates the repeated suction of drops SZR modern design and high-quality performance on the basis of Italian components Features of the fan console with reverse draft: Allows full prevent the loss of plant protection products by eliminating the possibility of re-suction of droplets falling into the air intake zone, as is the case with direct draft attachments. Air suction occurs BEFORE the fan box, where repeated suction during operation is excluded. Thanks to this design, the blowing of the plant protection system occurs to the sides and a little back. Thus, in the process of work, the tractor and the sprayer leave the “cloud” of droplets of solution, which ensures safer operation of the machine operator and significantly reduces the percentage of chemistry getting on ...

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