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Plant growing - berries

Seeds Strawberry "Giant Russian F1"

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( Date of publication: 12-02-2020 )

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address : Nur-Sultan, st. Imanova, house 12
phone : +7 (717)-279-5000
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Series: Russian Bogatyr A unique hybrid with very large - 20-25 g (at the first harvest up to 50 g!) Berries. Due to the early (on average 2 weeks earlier than other large-fruited garden strawberries) and continuous fruiting, it gives an unprecedented yield, up to 1-1.5 kg of berries from the bush. The berries are juicy, sweet, with a dense pulp and a strong aroma, retain their qualities for up to 2-3 days, perfect for homemade preparations and freezing. A nice feature of this hybrid is the large white flowers that cover the plant until autumn. It can be grown as a potted crop. Sowing strawberries is produced superficially, evenly distributing the seeds on a moist, level surface. Shoots appear within 30 days. In phase 1-2 of real leaves, seedlings dive into pots. After the appearance of 6 true leaves are planted in open ground.

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