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( Date of publication: 11-02-2020 )

3500 KZT
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Kyzylorda region

address : Kyzylorda city
phone : +7 (775)-394-1421
email : not indicated

Fertilizer from South Korea for greenhouses and fields (watermelon, melon, potatoes, cucumber, tomato, rice, etc.). A Certificate of the Republic of Kazakhstan is available. Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer - Nacle - Fertilizers is an environmentally friendly liquid fertilizer designed to preserve and protect nature and the ecosystem without harming wild birds and livestock. It has many advantages, including soil nutrition and root top dressing, which contributes to balanced growth, plant development and excellent fertilization and flowering. This is a natural active highly concentrated liquid fertilizer of a completely new quality, which allows you to increase the yield of agricultural crops and the quality of productivity of heterogeneous plants, such as plants of soil, shrubs, trees, etc. Composition: the active substance is liquid humic acid, ingredients: N-6, P-3, K-2, humus-12, sulfur-0.4. Registration number: Kyongi Kimpo 04-Ga-4-04 Shelf life: 7 years from the date of production. Application: Nacle1l - for 500l of water. Further information for consumers is available at www.nacle / co / kr.

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