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( Date of publication: 15-10-2019 )

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address : Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, st. Beibitshilik, 14
phone : +7 (708)-979-8512
email : office@at2.kz

Today, the effectiveness of enterprises directly depends on the production of a quality product or service at the lowest cost. The active use of modern technologies and solutions are the main factors that allow us to successfully compete in the market. In this regard, the Center for Transfer and Commercialization of Agricultural Technologies LLP NAO NANOTS Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter the Center) is pleased to offer a range of services for enterprises in the agricultural sector and the processing industry: - services for technological audit of enterprises and the development of technological requests; - services for the search and support of the introduction of technologies; - services to support the transfer of intellectual property rights and licensing; - support services for investment projects;  services for the development of a package of documents in the framework of attracting investment and grant funds in the framework of state programs; - services for business planning and control of business processes; - services to facilitate participation in state programs to support rural entrepreneurs (subsidies, preferences, etc.). A team of professionals will help you introduce new technologies and grow your business.

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