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The third international oil and fat conference KazOil 2019 will be held in Kazakhstan

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( Date of publication: 13-08-2019 )

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The third international oil and fat conference KazOil 2019 will be held in Kazakhstan on November 5, 2019 World and domestic experts will gather in the capital of Kazakhstan on November 5 to discuss the development trends of the oilseed market in the new season 2019/20. The oil and fat industry in Kazakhstan is currently under development, showing impressive results over the past decade. • Starting in 2011/12 MY, Kazakhstan is slowly but surely strengthening its position as an oilseed producer. So, since 2012, according to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the area under oilseed crops has grown by more than 1 million hectares, and the average annual oilseed production has increased by 1 million tons as part of a program to diversify sown areas in Kazakhstan. • According to the results of 2018/19 MY and according to forecasts for 2019/20 MY, Kazakhstan is in the TOP-10 in the ranking of countries that are global producers of oilseeds, with the first place in the production of oilseed flax, 8 in sunflower and 10 in rapeseed. • Kazakhstan increased export volumes of key oilseeds (flax, sunflower, rapeseed, soybeans) from 2011/12 MY to 2018/19 MY by more than 2.5 times, entering the TOP-10 world oilseed exporters. • The annual volume of production of vegetable oils in the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2011/12 MY has increased by about 1.5 times, while export volumes are almost 4 times. • The world tasted the Kazakhstani sunflower oil, and the country took its place in the TOP 10 world exporters of sunflower oil. The main buyer was China. • Kazakhstan is the only country in the world that has made such a rapid leap in a short time: in 10 years, the country from the TOP-10 importers of sunflower oil has confidently entered the TOP-10 exporters of sunflower oil. Prospects for the development of the oilseed market of Kazakhstan, these and many other issues will be raised at the third international oil and fat conference of Kazakhstan KazOil2019. • Will Kazakhstan retain its position in the ranking of world producers and exporters of oilseeds in the new season? • Will there be new favorites among oilseeds in Kazakhstani farmers and exporters? • How will the Northern Soybean program be implemented, and how much will it load processing capacities? • Is everything smooth in the processing segment and what are the barriers to its further development? • What will the Kazakhstan market choose - export of raw materials or export of value-added products? Sunflower export vs sunflower oil export! • What will be the demand of the main importing countries of oilseeds and processed products? • What crops will form the main trends in the development of the global oilseed market in 2019/20 MY? Leading international and domestic experts are invited as speakers. The expected number of KazOil2019 conference participants is 200+ The KazOil2018 conference was attended by about 200 participants from 18 countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Iran, India, UAE, Europe.

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