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Carrot seeds Baby F1

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( Date of publication: 16-07-2019 )

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Russian Federation

address : Moscow region, Ramensky district, Ostrovets highway, der. Vereya, p. 500 (production area warehouse number 4a)
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Carrots (Dragee) Baby F1 Article: 661344 color package Quantity in a pack: 300 pieces. Description: Gorgeous carrot for juice, high in carotene. Variety of Berlikum / Nantes. The period from germination to harvest is 90-100 days. Root crop of medium length, cylindrical with a blunt tip. Weight 90-180 g. Coloring orange.The core is small, round, orange. The flesh is tender, juicy, great taste. Productivity is high.Recommended for fresh use, winter storage and cultivation for beam products.

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