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( Date of publication: 16-07-2019 )

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Russian Federation

address : Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, 26 km of the Baltic highway, Mikhalkovo village, Riga Land business center, building 6
phone : +7 (495)-781-3131
email : https://www.agroex.ru

A two-component fungicide of therapeutic and prophylactic action to protect potatoes, sunflower, tomatoes and grapes. Fights potato diseases at different stages of their development. It has a therapeutic effect within 1 - 2 days after late blight infection. Immediate destruction of spores of pathogens. Excellent efficacy against downy mildew on sunflower. It is steady against washing away at a rain and watering - the reliable shielding effect. Active ingredients: famoxadone + cymoxanil, 250 + 250 g / kg. Preparative form: water-dispersible granules. Chemical class: oxazolidinedeony + cyanoacetamide oximes. Mechanism of action: the active ingredients in Ulisa complement and reinforce each other. Famoxadone, having a contact action, is firmly bound to the cuticle and remains in the wax layer of the leaves, acting as a protective barrier, preventing the pathogen from penetrating the plant.Cymoxanil is a locally systemic substance, it acts simultaneously on several biochemical reactions in pathogen cells.It quickly penetrates the leaves and stems and has a preventive, protective and therapeutic effect.Tsimoksanil moves through the leaves and stems from the bottom up. This property compensates for uneven processing.Cymoxanil has a therapeutic effect even later in the first 1 to 2 days after infection, as it is capable of encapsulating diseased plant cells. Spectrum of activity: on potatoes and tomatoes - late blight, Alternaria; downy mildew on sunflower, mildew on grapes. Speed of exposure: when the drug hits the leaf surface, the zoospores of the pathogens die within 6 seconds.One of the components of Ulisa - famoxadone binds to the cuticle of plants for 2 hours and is no longer washed off by rain.Under the influence of moisture, it is more uniform redistribution on the surface of the sheet. Terms of use: Ulis is most effective in prophylactic use on potatoes before infection or within 1 to 2 days after infection. It is recommended to use the fungicide for the first treatments in the period of active growth of leaf mass.The interval between spraying in normal weather conditions - 10 - 12 days, in rainy weather, on irrigation, with intensive growth - 7 - 8 days. The fight against sunflower LMR should include a full range of measures, one of the most important links of which is the etching, since the infection of plants appears from the moment of emergence.The fungicidal treatment by Ulis is optimally carried out twice with a consumption rate of 0.4 kg / ha with an interval of 10-14 days. The first treatment is carried out in the phase of 2-4 leaves, the second - in 12-14 days. A single treatment at a dose of 0.6 kg / ha is carried out in the phase 4-6 leaves of the culture. On grapes, the first preventive spraying should be carried out before flowering, the next - in 10 - 12 days. The period of protective action: 10 - 12 days under normal weather conditions, 7 - 8 days - in case of rainy weather. The multiplicity of treatments: on potatoes and tomatoes 4 treatments per season are allowed, on sunflower and grapes - 3. The possibility of resistance: part of Ulica cymoxanil acts simultaneously on several processes occurring in the cells of the pathogen, which significantly reduces the risk of resistance. Do not exceed the recommended drug consumption rates and the number of treatments. Do not use the drug more than 2 times in a row! Compatibility: Ulis is compatible with most plant protection products used on the same dates, with the exception of alkaline pesticides. The consumption of working fluid: on potatoes and sunflower - 400, on tomatoes - 400 - 600, on grapes - 800 - 1000 l / ha. Preparation of working solution: 1/2 tank sprayer filled with water.Add the drug, based on one sprayer refill, turn on the agitator, wait until Ulissa has completely dissolved.Add water to full volume and mix the mixture.Empty the container several times with water and rinse it into the sprayer tank. Use the working solution on the day of preparation. Packaging: plastic can weighing 400 g. Storage temperature: from -25 to + 30 ° С Shelf life: 5 years.

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