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Kinfos, KE

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( Date of publication: 16-07-2019 )

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Russian Federation

address : 141101 Schelkovo, Moscow Region, st. Factory, 2
phone : +7 (495)-745-0551
email : info@betaren.ru

300 g / l dimethoate + 40 g / l beta-cypermethrin Аdvantage: contains two components of a different mechanism of action; due to the synergy of the two active substances, the toxic effect of the drug is enhanced; has a long period of protective action; highly effective against resistant insect races. Preparative form The emulsion concentrate containing 300 g / l dimethoate, 40 g / l beta-cypermethrin Transportation and storage conditions Follow all generally accepted rules for the transport of toxic substances. Store the product in a storage room for pesticides. Temperature range of storage from minus 10 ° С to plus 25 ° С. Mix before use. Guarantee 3 years Hazard Class 3 hazard class, moderately hazardous substance. Packaging p / e canister 5 l, 10 l Registrant JSC "Shchelkovo Agrohim", Russia. Manufacturer JSC "Shchelkovo Agrohim", Russia.

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