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Steel structures, tank equipment

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( Date of publication: 11-06-2019 )

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Russian Federation

address : Sverdlovsk region, Bratislava, Shaumyana str. 73, of.300
phone : +7 (800)-550-8813
email : metcm@metcm.ru

Limited Liability Company "Metacom", being today one of the modern and dynamically developing Russian manufacturers of building metal structures, is ready to promptly and efficiently offer the following services: - development of drawings sections KM and KMD; - manufacturing of metal structures for building frames of any complexity; - corrosion-resistant coating, including AKRUS, MHZ, VMP, "BIURS", "PROTEGOL", hot-dip galvanizing; - production of enclosing structures (wall and roof sandwich panels); - manufacture of window, door and gate systems; - and also: complex provision of construction objects: metal-roll, heat- and waterproofing materials, shaped elements, rubble, reinforced concrete products, hardware, anchors, etc .; - delivery of tank equipment; - transport and logistics support facilities; Our enterprise is successfully attested and certified: - National welding Control Agency (NAKS) - technology of production of welded structures, equipment and welders; Relying on professionalism of our employees having all necessary attestation and certificates, using the latest and hi-tech certified equipment allows us to declare with confidence the opportunities: Develop: drawings of sections KM (up to 500 tons/month) and KMD (up to 1 000 tons/month); Supply: - construction of metal structures - up to 750 tons per month; - welded beam - up to 200 tons per month; - enclosing structures (wall and roof panels) - up to 7 000 sq. m. per month; - crushed stone of different fractions - up to 2 000 000 tons per year. - plate PD - up to 3 000 a month; - tank equipment in a wide range;

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