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( Date of publication: 07-06-2019 )

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Balers of a high degree of pressing are intended for collecting, pressing and seaming in rectangular bales of hay from swaths and straw after harvesting by a grain combine, as well as dry leguminous plants. Description: The press works with tractors with a capacity of 38 liters. When mounted on the baler, the compressed material falls directly into the trailer, which is installed behind the press, which significantly reduces the duration and complexity of the collection. The height of the bale is from 2.3 to 2.8 meters.The optimum design, excellent working parameters, high reliability and trouble-free operation, lead to the fact that Sipma for more than 25 years, produces these presses. During this time, sold more than 100,000 of these machines.The patented balanced crank-piston system eliminates vibrations, increasing work comfort. Specifications: Overall dimensions - length, mm: 4850 Overall dimensions - width, mm: 2500 Overall dimensions - height, mm: 1550

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