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LLP "BKN" offers to purchase heifers and / or heifers of Simmental breed of cattle

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( Date of publication: 27-05-2019 )

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address : Astana city, Abay pr. 63-291
phone : +7 (701)-924-8961
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Zootechnical characteristics: Breed: Simmental Pedigree: Each animal is registered in the official pedigree (3 generations) with a certificate of performance. Age of hells / heifers: 17-26 / 8-14 months at the time of delivery. Pregnancy (calf): 2 - 5 months at the time of selection, up to 6 months at the time of delivery. Weight of heifers / heifers: from 420 and above / 280-400 kg depending on age and pregnancy. Productivity: 1st lactation over 5000 kg 2nd or later lactation over 6000 kg All data is calculated for 305 days * Father (producer): Bull officially registered in the stud book, or his son Confirmation: All animals show exceptional characteristics of the structure and are consistent with the breeding goal of breeding Simmental dual-use breed for high milk and meat production. The hooves are strong, the limbs are correctly set, the udder attachment is high. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Quantity: minimum lot of heifers - 33 heads, heifers - 48 heads Country of origin: European Union. Cattle insurance: Imported livestock may be insured (2.45% of the total amount) during transportation and during quarantine in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The buyer will be reimbursed 100% of losses in case of death, heifers, 100% in case of forced slaughter minus services of slaughter and 25% in case of miscarriage. Selection: Together with a Buyer's representative. The offer includes standard expenses for stays and meals during the entire selection procedure for representatives of the Buyer. Excluding transfer to the country of selection at both ends. Delivery time: by agreement of the two parties. Veterinary conditions: Delivery is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the European Community - “EU Council Directive 64/432 / EEC, Annex F, Model 1” In accordance with standard veterinary sanitary regulations agreed between the European Union and Kazakhstan. Transport conditions: The transport is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the European Community - “EU directive 91/628 / EWG” to the place of shipment or quarantine station by special trucks. The staff has extensive experience and has received special training in transporting cattle. COST AND PAYMENT: Terms of payment: 30% - after signing the contract, 60% - after signing the animal selection act, 10% - 10 days before sending the animals to the Republic of Kazakhstan。 Price: Net (16-26 months) - 2 300 Euro (EUR) / per head (with delivery) Heifer (8-14 months) - 1 450 Euro (EUR) / per head (with delivery) The price is based on today's market rate. The price does not include any import duties, customs duties, etc. Price change is possible, subject to an increase in the cost of transportation costs, it is also necessary finally confirmation of the proposal. Delivery Terms: CIP, DAP

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