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Potassium Phosphate Fertilizers LLP "Kazphosphate"

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( Date of publication: 06-05-2019 )

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Almaty region

address : Almaty city, Samal-1, house 1а
phone : +7 (727)-330-5600
email : almaty@kazphosphate.kz

One of the main fertilizers produced by LLP Kazphosphate is phosphorus-potassium fertilizers (RK fertilizers). This type of fertilizer has a pronounced acidifying effect, which is especially effective in conditions of soil salinization with an aggressive alkaline reaction.In this fertilizer, it is also possible to note a high proportion of water soluble easily digestible phosphates (more than 60% of total phosphates in fertilizer), the content of digestible phosphates - 27% (repeated analysis of foreign partners from the Republic of Uzbekistan, showed the content of digestible phosphates - 34%), potassium content - 5 %. We inform that the operator for the implementation of the specified goods in the Republic of Kazakhstan is LLP "ECC". The warehouse with goods in the Kyzylorda region is located in the village of Zhalagash. For any additional questions of interest, please contact the following contacts: LLP Kazphosphate: Zekenov Darkhan, Zekenov.d@kpp.kz; +7 701 745 04 02 LLP EHK , Baymurzaev Rustem, b.rustem@ehk.kz; +7 777 238 77 75

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