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Field crop cultivation - seeds

Alfalfa seed PLATO

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( Date of publication: 15-04-2019 )

3200 KZT
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Almaty region

address : Almaty, Al Farabi Ave., 7 BC "Nurly Tau", bl. 4A, of 35
phone : +7 (727)-311-0482
email : zhian583@mail.ru

Farmers appreciate this variety for its reliability and constant harvest of dry matter per season. This variety can be used for harvesting hay and silage. Alfalfa - Medicago sativa PLATO has the following characteristics: • Early ripe variety • Good adaptation to different types of soil. • High lodging resistance • Excellent resistance to verticillum • Winter hardiness up to -50, heat resistance +45 • Good "extraction" of dry matter at the first mowing • Rapid regrowth after cutting • Very good summer productivity • Excellent yield over several years • Very high protein content • Content in dry matter: protein - 16.1%, calcium - 1.39%, magnesium - 0.26%. • Collection of protein - 25.1 q / ha. The recommended seeding rate is 25 kg per 1 hectare. It is a perennial crop and allows you to harvest for six to eight years. It is suitable for a free-running system for livestock or for harvesting silage and hay. In the first year, you can get 2 cuttings of 6-7 tons for one cut from 1 hectare, the second, third and subsequent years will bring 3-4 cuttings of 8-12 tons for one cut from a hectare.

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