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Field crop cultivation - seeds

Forage grass seeds

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( Date of publication: 03-04-2019 )

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LLP «ILAD agro», the official distributor of the company 《Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG》(Germany) in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, reports on the proposed seeds of forage herbs of the first reproduction for hay and green mass the following: Composition: 27% Lolium perenne sort AVRICOLA / SORAYA species (perennial Ryegrass) 17% Phleum pratense sort ANJO view (Timothy-grass) 10% Poa pratensis sort BALIN species (meadow Grass) 40% Dactylis glomerate sort TREPOSNO species (cocksfoot) 6% Trifolium repens sort MERLYN species (Clover creeping) This composition is accompanied by: international certificate of origin, international phytosanitary certificate, international laboratory analysis for germination, act of quarantine phytosanitary control (supervision) issued by the state institution of territorial inspection in the agro-Industrial complex of the Ministry of agriculture. The species and subspecies of each forage plant were selected according to climatic conditions throughout the territory of Kazakhstan. The above mixture corresponds the standards of seeds for fodder production in Kazakhstan.

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