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Mini-plants meat processing

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( Date of publication: 28-03-2019 )

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Russian Federation

address : Shelkovskoe highway, d 100, building 1, of 4068
phone : +7 (495)-995-7250
email : info@selhozlider.ru

www.selhozlider.ru Mini-plants "Agricultural Leader" today is: • alternative marketing of agricultural products to large plants; • a tool for implementing the state program for the development of the agro-industrial complex Agribusiness 2020; • highly profitable business: low cost, short commissioning time (3 months), fast payback (from 4 months);  • replacement of yard slaughter in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union; • preservation and development of rural areas, the creation of jobs. We offer: • Design and production of mini-plants; • Delivery of mini-plants and equipment anywhere in the world; • Installation of mini-plants; • Service and warranty service of mini-plants and equipment; • Development of packaging design products. We are an accredited supplier of Kazagrofinance JSC. Under the state program "Agribusiness 2020" there are investment subsidies for the construction of new or modernization of existing industries of the agro-industrial complex. Modular slaughterhouse. Mini-meat processing plants. Modular slaughterhouses and mini-meat processing plants are in great demand due to the introduction of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, which prohibits domestic slaughter of livestock. Restricting imports of raw meat to the Russian Federation also increased consumer demand for meat products. Slaughter capacity - from 2 to 80 heads of cattle, small cattle, pigs per shift. Processing capacity - from 500 to 3,000 kg. meat in a shift • slaughter, including halal, and primary processing of cattle, small cattle, pigs to get half carcasses, quarters; • processing of half carcasses with obtaining semi-finished products; • processing of semi-finished products to produce sausages and delicacies; • storage of finished products in cold stores; • provision of living conditions for staff.

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