By 2030, in Kazakhstan, the sown area of oilseeds may increase to 5 million hectares.


The President of the Oil and Fat Union of Kazakhstan, Konstantin Nevzorov, spoke about the development of the industry as part of a joint program with the Ministry of Agriculture, Kazinform news agency reported.

“Our collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture began on the development of a program for the development of the oil and fat industry until 2030. The working group was created on the basis of the ministry. Large plants take part in it. Medium-sized factories also express a desire, ”Konstantin Nevzorov informed at the III International Conference KazOil 2019.

He also said that the Oil and Fat Union unites 25 large factories, legal entities, medium-sized enterprises, as well as enterprises engaged in export and exhibition services. In addition, on the basis of the union there are 3 research institutes.

“We identified the main problems of oilseed production and the main problems of processing. In short - this is the low productivity of the seed material, the underdeveloped production of mineral fertilizers, the deterioration of agricultural machinery, a shortage of personnel, an insufficient level of agricultural technologies, and an insufficiently developed storage infrastructure. This is as of 2018, ”said the speaker.

According to him, the acreage for oilseeds can be significantly increased.

“In the industry development program, the zero stage is 2018, 2019-2021 is the first stage, 2022-2025 is the second and 2026-2030 is the third stage, where we fully provide ourselves with oilseeds, vegetable oil and are more focused on export finished products. Sown areas under oilseeds may be increased to almost 5 million hectares by 2030, ”the head of the Oil and Fat Union said.