In the Almaty region, it is planned to build a plant for the production of milk and koumiss


In the Almaty region, another dairy is likely to appear for 530 million tenge, LS agency reports, citing information from the regional Department of Agriculture.

According to the report, the project will be implemented in the industrial zone of Bereke in the Ili district.

“The cost of the plant is estimated at 530 million tenge. The production capacity will be more than 20 tons of milk and up to 6 tons of koumiss per day, ”the agricultural department said.

It is noted that the estimated implementation period is 2021. A search is currently underway for foreign partners.

The department added that the plant will create 200 jobs, and 30% of the finished product is planned to be exported to Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia.