As of July 18, the gross yield of grain in Kazakhstan amounted to 463.6 thousand tons


According to the operative reports of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, as of July 18, harvesting of grain and leguminous crops in the country was carried out on 234.6 thousand hectares (as of the same date a year earlier, 116.8 thousand hectares). This was reported on the website of the Ministry.

According to the information, grain on the reporting date is 463.6 thousand tons (in 2018 - 300 thousand tons) with an average yield of 19.8 (18) c / ha.

As it is specified, at present grain is being harvested in four regions of the country.

It is noted that the largest volumes of grain at the reporting date were collected in Zhambyl region, where 32.9% of the planned areas were threshed - 225.6 thousand tons and 225.6 thousand tons of grain were obtained with a yield of 20.9 t / ha.

To date, Almaty farmers with 4.3% of the area at a yield of 17.9 centners per hectare harvested 34.3 thousand tons of grain.

In the Kyzylorda region, grain and leguminous crops were harvested in 5.6% of the area. With an average yield of 20.9 t / ha, 11.3 thousand tons of grain was obtained.

Turkestan agrarians with 46.6% of the area thrashed 192.4 thousand tons of grain, which is 80.4 thousand tons more than last year's volume.