Americans to build irrigation plant in Kazakhstan


One of the American companies has shown interest in Kazakhstani investment projects in the field of agriculture. US entrepreneurs signed a document on the construction of an irrigation plant. The volume of investments is 50 million dollars. This is reported on the website of the TV channel Kazakh TV.

As Steve Kanevsky, president of the development company (USA), told in the TV channel's report, the idea of cooperation with Kazakhstan came up during the EXPO.

“This technology with the use of sprinkling machines will increase crop yields several times while reducing the use of water for growing crops,” said the expert, adding that he is confident that the products of the new enterprise will be in great demand in the country where there are large sowing and grazing land.

According to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Saparkhan Omarov, today there are 1.4 million hectares of irrigated land in the country, and another 20,000 hectares of new land are planned to be commissioned by 2021. It is expected that by 2027 about 3 million hectares of irrigated land will be put into circulation. Sprinkling irrigation is required for this, but agricultural technicians need to be produced in Kazakhstan.